Hey Mental Wellness Queens!

I have worked online for over a decade, growing myself and helping other women. My mission has always been to empower women to step into their confidence and FREEDOM to live their life to their fullest desire.

My family has been thrown immense mental battles. I’m personally making it out on the other side of depression, anxiety, abuse, adhd struggles, ptsd, panic attacks & suicidal thoughts.

My plan is to continue healing even more •out loud• in hopes to reach others who are struggling & feeling alone. This brand Her Freedom Empire is to provide swag that makes you or your loved one feel seen, heard and to remind you to live in your power, to fucking go for it!

To show every. single. woman, including you, that you are WORTHY, you are DESERVING, you are CAPABLE, you are ENOUGH, you are more than ENOUGH & you got this!

Love Kenz